Archery King 3D Mod APK 2022 V1.2.8 [Unlimited Coins/Cash/Gems]

Archery King 3D Mod APK [Download For Android/HappyMod]

Archery King 3D Mod APK provides you with HD graphic, excellent archery, fantastic music as well as many features that keep you very engaged in your play. By playing this game you become aware of the fact that the biggest advantage is that you become proficient in archery.

In this game you have to hit different types of arrows on the target and you get a lot of coins in return and you reach a new level. If you are looking forward to playing a long game, you should maximize your archery experience in this game so that you can compete with your Olympic challenge and make a name for yourself in it.


The procedure is very simple. You took the arrow in your bow, took a deep breath and looked at your target and hit the bull’s eye now! Do you want to be king in the field of Archery? If you have such a passion, then you must download this game and make the best of your experiences and fulfill your dream of becoming a king.

Features of Archery King 3D Mod APK

  • Now we will take you a little further to the features of this game, what kind of situations this game informs you about and what kind of situations it takes you to. Much of this game is based on old times. You may forget for a moment that you are living in the modern world, but you will think that you are living in the old world.
  • Much of this game is based on old times. You may forget for a moment that you are living in the modern world, but you will think that you are living in the old world. So, let’s change our thinking and our situation, come back and move on to the game.


In it you are given a bow and with it arrows that you see your target one by one and limit it. If your target is right then your levels go up otherwise you Stop there. After you try again and again, you arrive at the next level.

Archery King 3D Mod


There is no doubt that Archery game is an old-fashioned game, but its tournaments are considered to be among the modern kind of games and even better. Because its features have been updated in this way, it seems to be a new era game. It gives you a variety of targets that you can use to win the tournament. Which is the most popular archery being you shoot through and win the tournament.

Like Real World

The way you shoot arrows in the real world is a little bit difficult so it is very easy to shoot arrows in this world. You can improve your skills by upgrading your daily archery practice. If you do this on a daily basis, then you can become a good archery player.

Control In your Hand

The control of the archer is completely in your hands. You can hit the target wherever you want. It depends on you. You are given arrows and bows and you keep moving at your own pace and completing your targets.

Archery from location

You are only given locations and you complete the markings according to your criteria by walking according to their location. Of course, there is an advantage for you because when you find your location it becomes easier for you to do archery. You can easily complete your Archery.

Archery King 3D Mod APK Update

Effectively Music\Graphics

And in the Archery, you get a 3D music system that impresses you a lot. You get to hear a system while shooting arrows. If the music system is not good then playing games is not fun. And so, you get a 3D graphic with it.

Beautiful Scene

You will find very interesting places in this game which are very good. There are other good places besides these, War field, Archery field, Backyard. You keep shooting in different places. Sometimes you shoot in the sea. So sometimes you shoot in the desert or in the plains.

Archery King 3D Mod APK Download

FAQs Of Archery Mod APK

Here we will discuss some common questions about what kind of questions people have in their minds and how they get their answers. If you have a question or want to use it or want to ask us a question, you can tell us.

Can I download this game on Android Phone?

Yes, you can download this game on your Android 4.4 easily without any Hessels. Even if you don’t have Android 4.4, you can easily lower it and download it to your device.

Can we play with our friends?

Yes, you can play this game alone if you want. If you want to invite your friends in it then you can play with your friends without any hassle.

Is this Game online?

Yes, this game has both online and offline modes. It depends on you whether you want to play online or offline. If you play offline mode, you will not need internet if you want to go online then you need internet.

Is the APK file of Archery safe?

Yes, of course this is a secure file that is stored in your mobile, no need to worry about it, just download it, open it in your mobile and enjoy it.

How many installers of this game are there so far?

You have over one million (1000000) Installers of this game and it is increasing day by day. This proves that this game is very useful.


We have given you complete information about Archery King 3D Mod APK. We hope that you have understood this information by now. We have explained to you its features and how to play it. We explained everything to you. Anything else or you can ask us a question. Whether you comment or give your feedback, we will definitely reply to you Inshallah. Just download this game and install it on your device. If you like it, be sure to share it with your loved ones so that they too can benefit.

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