Battlelands Royale Mod APK 2022 [Unlimited Money/Health/Gems/Coins]

battlelands royale mod apk

Game Name Battlelands Royale Mod APK
Genre Game
Size 11MB
Latest Version V2.9.7
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
Get it On Google Play Store.
Update Sep 07, 2022

Battlelands Royale Mod APK [Download Everything]

Here are all the essential details, tips, and tricks to know before you download the new Battlelands Royale mod APK. The game is still available on Android through a few Google Play store alternatives for free-to-play gamers that do not want to spend any money in-app.

Remember to install this battle royale mod at your own responsibility since it’s not endorsed by “even” an official version of the popular app which can be installed via The process of downloading these alternative APK files is very simple.

You just have to select one from their list of available APKS or competitors, click on it and commend yourself for installing another app store beside the default ones. Almost every time these apps came pre-packed with modified versions of will explain about battle lands royale.

battlelands royale mod apk update

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Features of Battlelands Royale Mod APK

features of Battlelands royale mod apk one by one

1. You can spend your time on the game and level up by farming, joining a team and battle other players, or sneak around in an attempt to stay alive.

2. You can use some of the cool weapons you find while exploring for added destruction.

3. Battlelands Royale has some great graphics and gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

4. Upgrading cards and weapons is a must if you want to succeed at Battlelands Royale, and you can do it in the lobby or while playing missions.

5. The controls are smooth and easy to use, allowing for tons of fun with this game app.

6. Battlelands Royale has multiple maps that include deserts, islands, cities, and more!

7. You’ll get daily rewards for logging into the game each day; these freebies allow you to buy lots of new items quickly in Battlelands Royale’s shop.

8. Besides being able to purchase different outfits for your characters in Battlelands Royale, there are also different emotes you can acquire throughout gameplay.

9. Battlelands Royale has some great graphics and gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

10. In Battlelands Royale, there are a ton of quests to complete as well as an event system where players can participate in different kinds of missions which range from single-player missions to multiplayer missions.

11. The controls are smooth and easy to use, allowing for tons of fun with this game app.

12. The maps in Battlelands Royale have dozens of quests that allow you to earn plenty of rewards that let you upgrade your cards and weapons over time.

13. Also collect items to craft powerful weapons and other items within the world map!

14. There are different kinds of towers in Battlelands Royale that you can use to your advantage against the enemy.

15. The game has a very good set of sound effects too that will keep players hooked on it for hours.

16. Battlelands Royale also comes with a system where it gives bonuses to players who have played a few missions without dying, which is amazing!

17. As you go deeper into the world map of Battlelands Royale, you’ll encounter some epic bosses to defeat, and they’re not easy to beat!

18. Find rare items hidden deep within different areas on each map of Battleland’s royale mod apk.

battlelands royale mod apk latest version

FAQs Of Battlelands Royale Mod APK

What is the system specification of Battlelands Royale?

The system requirement for playing this game is more than 2 GB of RAM. It takes around one second to load but it can depend on your device. You need to have an Android 4.4 or higher version and a good graphics card. Note that you will not be able to play on a PC with this phone spec, even if you download the Bluestacks emulator, which is far away from how the real app runs on mobile devices.

Is it possible to get into the top 10 by using only free stuff without paying?

Yes, you can do that with some practice and getting some lucky chests in the starting days while more players are still low ranked. But this is not the main point of our website. We are here to help you with tips and tricks to get free kinds of stuff quickly. This way, you can upgrade your free card to take advantage of other top players without spending any money on this game.

If I do not rank high enough in the starting days, I cannot enjoy all features of Battlelands Royale.

There still are some activities that are available even if you are at low ranks right now, such as doing daily quests or dailies bonus. We will let you know about every detailed event through our articles and videos for sure!

How can we get more gems in Battlelands Royale?

You need to win more battles by having a strong deck, like using legendary cards. Note that the legendary card will make you win more battles and get many points, therefore, it can help you rank up. The legendary cards include Captain Cannon (Legendary), Cpt. Royale (Legendary), Super Brainz (Legendary), Bo -Radley (Rare) and Kernel Corn (Rare).

What is the best method to get gems in Battlelands Royale?

You need to do well in the arenas to get great rewards such as gems and coins, and also defeat your opponents by using your strong deck. You should focus on your heroes first then upgrade them constantly to be stronger than other players’ decks. That means you will win fewer fights but gain higher prizes for every victory if doing so!

Which heroes are the best in Battlelands Royale?

Honestly, every kind of character has its own advantages to use for your decks. However, we believe that Captain Lemongrab is really amazing! He can save energy costs because his damage ability costs only 1 point to cast. That means you can use him more than others’ heroes if using no points items, such as Bo-Bob Barley (Legendary).

Why do so many websites provide nearly the same articles about Battlelands Royale?

We do not know why there is some similar content among some websites even though they have never heard of each other. But what we know is that all top website owners want their sites to rank higher.


So that we explain overall about Battlelands Royale Mod APK with all its features and updated version. If you want to download this game and play it just download it from our website. And if you have some questions about this game just send a comment we will answer you. Good Bye.

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