Block Strike Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Block Strike Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Block Strike Mod Apk is an online multiplayer game in which you must break down wooden blocks to create weapons like swords, knifes and axes for battle. You can play against computer or other players in single or multiple player modes. The game has good graphics for this kind of game but I was expecting more because the support for large screens.

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About Block Strike Mod Apk

Block strike is an exciting game which comes for Android, ios and windows devices. This game is also available online on different websites including play store, app store etc. Its one of the best games in its category to play it you should have some good features in your android device.

Features of block strike mod apk:

  1. This is a free game which can be played in multiplayer mode. It has good graphics and sound effects also. You need to play offline at first and then you will get certain amount of in-game currency like coins and diamonds which you can use for online play.
  2. You can play this game online or offline. You can also change the level of difficulty between normal, hard and insane.
  3. Block Strike Mod Apk is very light weight game which works on low end android devices easily without any crash problems.
  4. This app does not require high storage space so anyone can access it easily without any hurdles.
  5. You can create your own avatar in game and customize it according to your desire like skin color, hair style etc. There are many types of weapons which you can use for battle like swords, knifes, axes etc.
  6. Graphics and animations are good in Block Strike Mod Apk . You can play it in multiplayer mode with your friends and family members.
  7. The game is free to play so no need to worry about any charges or membership fees. And you don’t have to download any modded files for Block Strike Mod Apk because its already modded version.
  8. This app works on all android devices starting from low to high-end devices. This app is virus free so you don’t have to worry about any security issues while playing online.
  9. You can get coins and diamonds by sharing this app with your friends through play store share option. Just open the Block Strike Mod Apk page in your mobile browser.
  10. The block strike mod apk is a game that has been gaining popularity over the years. Even though it is not as popular as it was, this does not mean that people play it less than they used to.
  11. The number of players playing the game and downloading it might be lower but this does not make the target audience any smaller. There are many kinds of gamers; some prefer mobile gaming while others like gaming on their PCs and laptops.
  12. Although games were initially played mainly offline, with time there has been an increase in online games as well. No matter what kind of gamer you are, one thing that matters to everyone is having fun and moving further in the game.
  13. As an article related to the new features that have been added to the game, you need to know about these new additions and updates. Once you read this article, you will be able to understand more about certain aspects like why it is necessary for the gamers and any other information that was left out by previous articles.
  14. In order to clear all of your doubts and answer your questions once and for all, we decided to explain some points related to infinite mode as well. When we say endless mode or infinite modes, we mean that this is a new addition which allows the player to play without having a limit on their progress; they can continue playing until they feel like quitting.
  15. Once the player hits a certain level in the game, they will be able to unlock infinite mode in which they can become a part of a world in which there are no limits. The main purpose of having this feature is for gamers to receive more satisfaction since they can continue playing without stopping.
  16. For those who do not know much about the block strike mod apk, it should be mentioned that instead of allowing players to play for 10 or 15 minutes at most, gamers are now allowed unlimited time for playing. This means that you can spend as many hours as you want on this game and make progress till your heart’s content!
  17. Even though Infinite mode is important because it allows people to keep playing even if their time is not unlimited, there are lots of other features that were added to the game which you will be able to understand when reading the rest of this article.

FAQs of block strike mod apk

What Is the Block Strike Mod Apk?

The  block strike  modded  apk  is a  new shooting  game which is now available on android devices, and it has been downloaded by over 5 million players. In this game you have to shoot down all the enemies. You can download this amazing shooting game from Google Play Store for free .

1). What Is The Size Of This Game?

The size of this new shooting game as of now is around 45 MB , and it is not more than 50 MB probably. Moreover, as per our tests we found that this new shooting game is just around 42 MB .

2). How Can I Download This Game?

To download this amazing shooting game from Google Play Store, first you have to click on the image given below

And after clicking on it, a popup will appear as shown in the screenshot given below.

So after clicking on it , a new window will open up and you have to press install button After pressing the install button your game will start downloading immediately.

 3). Where Is The Data Saved In This Game?

The location of data saved by this new shooting game is shown in the picture . As you can see that most of the data saved by this game is saved under downloads folder .

4). What Is The Minimum Requirement To Run This Game?

The minimum requirement to run this game is 1GB RAM , and it can run on almost every android device with atleast 512MB RAM . Make sure that you have updated your Android version in order for this amazing shooting game to work properly.

Also, there are some features of this shooting game which are locked in free version, so if you want to enjoy complete features then you have to purchase the full paid version of this shooting game.


Hope you like this article. Please don’t forget to share your opinion about Block Strike Mod Apk by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! And if you are interested in downloading Block Strike Mod Apk then click on the link given below. It will redirect you to the download page of block strike mod apk directly.

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