Bombsquad Mod APK 2022 v1.6.4 [Unlimited Ticket/Unlocked Characters]

Bombsquad Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

Bombsquad Mod APK is a mod version of the game that offers unlimited coins, ammo and keys. The fun doesn’t stop there! With this new edition to the game, you can enjoy more levels FREE with no in-app purchases or ads. You’ll never be bored again when you have all these great features at your fingertips every time you play!

This is truly one of our favorite games on Android right now because it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time without having to spend any money on upgrades or extra lives. If you’re looking for Bombsquad and some mindless entertainment while waiting in line somewhere, put down your phone and give this bomber man alternative a try today we promise you won’t regret it!

Feature of Bombsquad Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

In the game you will need gems for a lot of things like purchasing or upgrading something. This is one of the best features because this allows us to play with unlimited items and make progress without paying anything.  Gems are also used to open chests, win battles and purchase gold bars.

Unlimited Coins

In order to unlock new characters, upgrade them or buy weapon etc. We use coins in the game that we can get from opening boxes or completing orders/missions. With bombsquad mod apk all those coins problems will be solved as now we have unlimited coins so we can do whatever we want in the game without worrying about anything.

Unlock All Characters

Bombsquad game has a lot of characters but some of them are locked and we need to unlock them by doing hard tasks or spending money. With bombsquad mod apk there is no need to worry about any of that because after unlocking unlimited gems you can just buy it for free.

Unlock All Levels

There are lots of levels in the game that if unlocked something will happen like get more coins or get new equipment or weapon etc. So here comes another amazing feature which allows us to unlock all those levels easily with unlimited diamonds without paying anything.

No advertising

We all know ads kill games so this feature may be useful for many people who want to play they’re without any interruption. This is a great feature that Bombersquad mod apk developers understood the situation and added this feature to their mod apk.

Anti-Ban Protection

Another great thing about bombsquad unlimited apk is anti-ban protection which means if you are playing this game on bluestacks with your friends or someone else’s account they cannot catch you because of its ultimate security system.

No Root Needed

The most amazing thing is that it doesn’t require root so no need to worry about root, custom roms etc. It will work perfectly on every android device whether its rooted or not.

Unlimited Ammo

Weapons also run out of ammo in the game and we need to buy more ammo by spending gold, coins or real money. Now you don’t have to worry about that as bombsquad mod apk gives unlimited ammo so now we can shoot enemies without any worries.

Unlimited Energy

In the game there is a feature called energy which gets reduced as we do our activities like attacking, using weapons, buying things etc. This is one of those annoying features because when your energy runs out you cannot do anything in the game until its up or refill it which consumes diamonds or coins or real money. So here comes another amazing feature where with unlimited gems and coins you can refill your energy anytime and anywhere without paying anything.

No Bing Rewards Needed

If you are a bing rewards member then also you don’t have to worry about anything as with bombsquad unlimited apk there is no need to complete any offer or surveys etc…

So, guys these were some amazing features of Bombersquad MOD APK which makes it one of the best games for modded play.

FAQs of Bombsquad Mod APK

Can I play This Game On PC?

Yes, you can download and install this game on PC with the help of third-party emulators like Bluestacks.

What’s The Minimum Requirement to Play This Game?

The Recommended Operating System is Android 5.0 or above. Also check your device’s battery life.

How Much My Device Battery Gets Drained While Using This Game?

It is normal to get around 10-20% extra battery usage while playing this game for at least 2 hours. However, if you are getting 30% extra battery usage even by reading this FAQs then you should uninstall this game immediately.

Is There Any Risk of Getting Banned for Using Mod APK?

No, there is no risk of getting banned. You can play this game without any worries.

Can I Download This Game Offline?

No, you cannot download this game offline. It needs an internet connection while starting and running in the background for necessary resources. However, there is one exception. If you turn off your wifi and cellular data then it will work fine because it doesn’t need any other app to run in the background.

Is There Any Secret Trick to Get Unlimited Gems in The Game?

No, there is no secret trick to get unlimited gems in the game. You can use Bombsquad Mod Apk which gives you all in-app purchases like unlimited coins, unlimited gems etc. How To Recover My Lost Progress?

The same way how you recovered your lost progress when doing backup for this game. Most probably you will lose around 2+ levels along with couple of golds or weapons when doing full back up so it’s not recommended to do full back up right now. So please make sure that you complete daily missions and achievements before making a full backup otherwise you may face an unnecessary loss due to data loss.


We hope that you have enjoyed Bombsquad Mod APK and learned a few new things along the way. There are tons of opportunities for making your app more successful with just some simple changes to how it is designed, marketed, or even advertised on social media. With these tips in mind, work towards improving your own products by implementing some of them today.

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