Crossy Road Mod APK 2022 [Unlimited Gold/Coins/Skin & Unlocked]

Crossy Road Mod APK [Download Download For Pc /No Ads]

I am sure you are all well aware of the mega popular game that can be played by anyone for free. Yes it’s Crossy Road Mod APK, which many people believe to be a great time pass game , especially for children. Crossy road Mod APK is an endless arcade hopper where you need to help your character cross roads and rivers without touching or smashing into anything.

It sounds easy but things get pretty tough when there are traffic moving in every direction giving you no chance whatsoever to stand still! The game however allows you to travel through different eras before cars were invented, this provides some breathing space for beginners who can take their time and learn the ropes.

About Crossy Road Mod APK

The makers of Crossy Road Hipster Whale, recently released a new update adding more characters and content to the game. The new update included cops and robbers , which was not received very well by gamers as many where tired of playing just classic characters like chicken, panda or frog etc… People wanted something different! Therefore we decided to release our own mod version of Crossy Road with added features such as:

More Characters

We have added 5 extra characters than what is available in the normal Crossy road . Our latest version includes Ninja Turtle , Transformers Bumble Bee, Black Panther , Avengers Iron Man and Superman . Each character has its own unique feature that will give some advantage over your opponents. For example Ninja turtle can double jump as his primary skill, iron man can absorb blue orbs to make himself invincible for a certain period of time and Superman has his laser vision to destroy obstacles.

Multiple Maps 

We have modified the maps too , so now you can choose from a wide range of different maps before playing your game i.e. Super Mario World Map, Jurassic world map or Gotham City Map . The best part is that all these maps come with their own unique features giving players more choices over which map they want to play on!

Custom Difficulty

In normal versions of Crossy road , difficulty level is set high but in our version you can decide what kind of difficulty level you would like to play on. You can choose anything between Hard , Medium and Easy , making it much easier for kids to play this game without facing too much trouble.

Gaming Mods

Each of the above modifications provides a player with an edge over others and makes the game more interesting. We at ‘Gaming Mods’ believe that in order to enjoy a game, you need to be on an equal footing as all other players! This is why we mod our games by adding features like unlimited coins , god mode and unlock all levels . These mods let gamers enjoy the full content of the game while still giving them an upper hand over other players.

Crossy Road Mod APK Additional Features: * You can download any character from store anytime you want ( No need to wait for weekly updates). * All Characters unlocked – Can use any character as much as you want. * You can buy any item from store anytime you want ( No need to wait for weekly updates). * All items unlocked – Can use any power up as much as you want. * All maps unlocked – Can play on all map without paying a single buck!

Unlimited coins

Now hoard those coins and upgrade your characters!

Godmode activated

Enjoy the game while other players struggle to cross roads!

We hope you like our mod and please share with your friends who also want to enjoy this game the way you do!

FAQs Crossy Road Mod APK

What’s the version of Crossy Road mod apk available Play Store?

The latest version available on Gaming-Mods is Crossy Road MOD APK 1.7.5 .

Which are the devices which can run this mod?

All android phones / tablets which are running on android version 4.0 or above are compatible with our mod!

Can I play online games with other players after installing this mod apk of Crossy Road ?

No . You cannot play online games as all other gamers will have original unmodified game installed on their device, so you won’t be able to connect to them for playing online games!

How can I move downloaded file from my PC to mobile phone?

Please follow below steps:

  • Firstly download and install ‘ ES File Explorer’ app on your phone from Google Play Store .
  • Now connect your device with your PC/Laptop using a USB cable .
  • Open the device folder and navigate to ‘Downloads’ folder where all downloaded files will be stored.
  • From the Download folder , you can copy or move downloaded file from PC to Mobile phone as per requirement.
  • Now disconnect USB cable from both devices and enjoy Crossy Road 1.7.5 Mod APK!


Finally we will discussed overall about Crossy Road Mod APK Step By Step. Just Download and Play this game. If there is problem to Download From Google Play Store visit Our website and Download From it.

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