Dark Sword Mod APK 2022 V2.3.6 [Unlimited Money/Gold/Stone/Souls]

Dark Sword Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

Dark Sword Mod APK is an exciting game in which you play as Black Night and you have to go through a lot of strange places. In it the dark dragon closes the door of the sun. When the door of the sun is closed, darkness covers the whole world, and animals and other birds are disturbed. You have to somehow open the door to the sun no matter what you have to pay for it and you have to beat the Dark Dragon too. When you defeat Dark Dragon and open the door, the light comes on again.

Game Overview

Dark Sword has been specially developed by the NANOO COMPANY Inc for Android, Tablets and Apple mobiles. It is a role-playing game and has grown to over five million installers. This is a very interesting game and this game is all about Darkness. The whole point of this game is Hacking and Slash. In addition to Fight, this game has a different of role and impresses you with its sound and display.

Features Of Dark Sword Mod APK

  • We have introduced you to the game and told you about its behavior. Almost you have understood about the game. You read a little bit about the features of the game.
  • If you want to get complete information about the game then you should read this article and all its features carefully. Of course, you will not have any problem in playing the game.

Open The Door and Save Light

First you have to defeat the Dark Dragon when you defeat it then you will open the door which will bring light to the whole planet and all living beings will live happily. And to defeat it you have to fight with good skill then surely you will open the door again.

Dark Sword Mod

Over 150 Items

You are given different types of atoms in the game which number more than 150 in them you can also Guns, Bullets, Skins, and Players.

Action RPG

It also runs like an action RPG game in which you have to fight different kinds of battles because you have to defeat the Dark Dragon. And you have to open the closed door of the sun which gives light to it.

Fight as a Team

Build your team to make your fighting game better. Dark Dragon You can’t fight alone so you have to form your own team and fight with it then you will win then you can do whatever you want and you will also get a lot of rewards which will give you a lot Everything can be unlocked.

Dark Sword Mod APK Download

Join Yor Friends

If you want your friends to join your group so that you can easily defeat the Dark Dragon, then you can win this battle by joining your friends and bring light to the world. Faith is good thinking.

3D Graphic/Music

This game looks like it’s getting dark everywhere but you get a very good graphic of this game. It is kind of smooth and its music is very relaxed with the way you play the game. Will go and accordingly his music becomes good. If you play the same game on a PC, if it has a graphics card attached to it, then its graft becomes more HD which is called ultra-graphic.

Dark Sword APK

Download Dark Sword Mod APK

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  • Go to Download Page
  • Again, Click Download Button
  • Wait Few second
  • Dark Sword APK will Downloaded
  • Thank You!

FAQs Of Dark Sword Mod APK

So, let’s discuss a little bit of question and answer so that all the things are understood here and no one is bothered to understand further, so you have to read all these questions carefully if you have any questions. So, you can ask, we will tell you that too.

Is this Dark Sword mode save?

Yes, all your data is received. You need not worry. Even if you close the game, that data is safe in your account. No one can leave it. Don’t worry about Dark Sword Mod APK.

Can we play this game on PC?

Yes, if you have a computer you can play on it or any laptop. If you have a good graphics card and RAM set up in your PC, it will make your game run much easier and get good graphics.

Who are the developers of this game?

NAN00 COMPANY Inc are the developers of this game.

How many installers of this game are there so far?

There are over five million installers of this game so far because it is growing day by day and its head is also growing fast because it is a Darkness Game.


We have told you all the things about Dark Sword Mod APK that no one else has told you so we hope you have understood it all. If you want to know more about this game then you can contact us. We will also give you additional information. No need to worry. You can download this game once and play it on your mobile. You will definitely enjoy it. We have explained to you the introduction of the game and the game and its features, its questions and answers, everything. If you want your friends to enjoy the game a lot, you can tell your friends about the connect with you and keep playing the game. Thanks for reading the article, Allah Hafiz!

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