GTA Liberty City Stories APK 2022 V2.4 [Download For Android & PC]

GTA Liberty City Stories APK [Unlocked All Missions/Guns]

GTA Liberty City Stories APK is a best representative game of Rock Stars Company. Earlier this game was only played on PC and laptop but now its developer has worked hard to make it for Android device i.e., portable device you can play. Tony Cipriani will play a role in GTA Liberty City Stories he belongs to Leone Family. Tony Cipriani goes into hiding for a long time after killing his family man and later returns GTA Liberty City Stories in his house. The streets of this city are noisy.

Because warring families vie are working hard to control it. The city has been destroying itself since the beginning of this kind of political corruption drug murder. Tony tries to get the city back under the control of Leon’s family. And there are a lot of obstacles in Tony’s way to do all this as these political corruption and drug leaders are stopping him.

Game Overview

GTA Liberty City Stories is developed by Rock Star Company. Earlier this game was run only on this but now it has also been developed for Android phone so it is the most popular in this era. This game is being played so much that its installments have exceeded one million. The size of this game is 51 MB and you can play it comfortably on any Android 4.0 or up. And you get an update version.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK Update

Features Of GTA Liberty City APK

  • You will almost certainly understand how the game is made and what is the purpose of playing this game and what happens in it so if you want to know more about the game then you should consider all the features below.
  • It will also tell you about the features of the game and how you can play it, how you can beat all these drug robberies and political corruption in the game.

3D Graphics/Sounds

GTA Liberty City Stories get you HD Graphic. If your mobile is good i.e., its RAM and graphics card are good then you will definitely get very good results. You will get a gift like you are playing a game in real world. You will not notice how the car looks.

And the music of the game affects you in the same way that you hear the noise of cars in the real world or the sound of their horns etc. and the way the songs etc. are playing inside the cars. You get a Misic.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK Download

Unlocked All Missions

You don’t need to do any kind of mission; you get all the missions unlocked beforehand. Just download the game and rule in the built-in mode. You can also do all the missions. If you do not know how to do the mission, you will be instructed about it.

Best Mods

You can play this game online if you like, otherwise this game is also good offline because all its features are also available in offline mode. You can also get a lot of benefits and enjoyment from them.

Lots Of Guns

In GTA Liberty City Stories you get all kinds of weapons for free like AK 47, Pistol, Refill, Gun, And machine guns. So, you can defeat your enemies with all these weapons and you can do whatever you want. You can even fight the police. The police can’t do anything for you.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK Gun

Easy to Controls

GTA Liberty City Stories control system has been simplified so you can customize it. So, now they have buttons on the touch screen mobile. You can easily play gas through them.

Lots of cars

At the beginning of the game, you get only one car and one motorcycle but after that you want to drive whatever car you want you can drive because you have a lot of reward and you have your own You can take any car you want; you can take the helicopter if you want and you can go to the airport and fly the plane.

GTA Liberty City Stories APK

How To Download GTA Liberty City Stories APK?

  • Click on Download Button
  • Go to Download Page
  • Again, Click Download Button
  • Wait Few second
  • GTA Liberty City Stories will Downloaded
  • Thank You!

FAQs of GTA Liberty City APK

  • So, let’s answer a few questions now so that we can find the answers to all the questions that are arising in our minds and if you want to ask me any question you can contact us and tell us. We will definitely answer you.

How much GB of GTA Liberty City APK for Android?

When you download the game file, its size is 51MB, but when you install it in your Android device, its size is 2.4GB. It also comes with all the versions and features.

Is GTA Liberty City Stories free for Android device?

Yes, this game is absolutely free for android device if you download from this website you don’t have to pay any kind of money.

Are all the missions in this game unlocked?

Yes, all the missions of this game will be missions. All you have to do is download the app file and install it in your mobile. You will not need to do any kind of missions.


We have given you all the information about GTA Liberty City APK. We hope that you have understood everything from downloading GTA Liberty City Stories APK to its mission if you have read all the articles carefully. If there is anything left over, you can read the article once. If you still do not understand, you can contact us. We will reply to you. So, if you like it, be sure to share it with your friends. Thanks For Reading Article. Give Any Feedback.

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