Jurassic Survival Mod APK 2022[Unlimited Money/Guns/Gold And Bullet]

Jurassic Survival Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

Jurassic Survival Mod APK is one of the most popular survival games currently. This game will have you choose a character, explore an island and search for resources to survive. Exploring this map there are many different types of ancient animals that can be found in various locations. Many people are fans of such as dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus , Velociraptor and so on.

You also can find other prehistoric creatures such as crocodiles . You can find them when you explore the land. There are many ways to survive in this game, one of the important things you need is food because without food you will lose health quickly. You must be able to hunt animals or catch fish so that your body can have sufficient protein . This guide for Jurassic Survival  will give you all the information related to this game so it would be easier if you apply any strategies here.

Jurassic Survival Game Guide

This game has a multiplayer mode where players can meet other people playing Jurassic Survival , but this feature is still being tested by developers until now. Be patient because it takes time for developers to get feedback from players who play online mode .

About Jurassic Survival Mod APK

Jurassic Survival Mod APK is just like in real life, in which you need to look for food in order to survive in this game. You can hunt animals in the jungle with a simple bow and arrow if you want meat protein. However, it is not easy at all to catch an animal with one shot so be patient when trying to shoot an animal.

You can also find fish , but remember that not all parts of the fish are edible so make sure you know what part you should eat when hunting down your prey. For example when hunting dinosaurs , remember that their eggs are very nutritious so you do not have to kill them directly.

Features of Jurassic Survival Mod APK

Different animals and dinosaurs

In Jurassic Survival APK you will find a variety of dinosaurs that are very strong. They can be found anywhere because they’re not extinct yet. In this game you need to be careful when exploring the map, especially if you have to move from one place to another. You should prepare weapons such as a bow and arrow or a gun if necessary. If you come across with T-Rex , then don’t try to fight him because its attack power is very high .

As stated earlier that there are many different kinds of prehistoric creatures in this game including crocodiles . However, after killing these prehistoric creatures they will drop some meat so it would be better for you guys if kill them directly. Not only hunting dinosaurs , but you also can find many other prehistoric creatures are different .

Crafting system

Another interesting thing about this game is that you can use the material that you’ve collected to craft weapons or tools that are useful for your journey. There are some recipes available in crafting mode, so make sure to explore them all. For example if you come across with wood , stone and metal ores . These three materials can be combined together to produce a useful tool such as a pickaxe or an axe . This will help you collect more resources when exploring the map.

Different creatures combination

When playing this game there is no limit on combining different types of dinosaurs into one creature , so keep exploring until you discover it by yourself ! The only thing you have to do is open the inventory , put one dinosaur on another and voila! There is a new creature that has become stronger than before.

This can be useful if you are attacked by dangerous dinosaurs . That’s all for this guide about Jurassic Survival Mod APK, hopefully useful. Please leave your comment below if there’s anything else related to Jurassic Survival Mod APK that needs to be added here. Thank you so much for visiting us!


Qno1. Is Jurassic Survival Mod APK available for download?

Ans: Yes, You can get an APK of this game from the direct download link below.

Qno2. Are there any cheats for Jurassic Survival Mod APK?

Ans: No, it is not possible to provide you with cheat codes since this guide about Jurassic Survival Mod APK only provides information that is already included in the original version of this game. However, we still encourage you to explore other strategies by yourself because it’s more fun if done like that!

Qno3. How many dinosaurs are there in Jurassic survival mod apk ?

Ans : Around 18 different types of dinosaurs are available in this game , most of them are very powerful so be carefull while exploring the map.

Qno4: How many different races to play Jurassic Survival Mod APK?

Ans: You can choose up to three races, each of them has a unique set of abilities that you should find out for yourself. There is also an option called “random race” so it doesn’t matter which race you’re playing as long as they don’t die .

Qno5: I cannot download this game from the direct link below.

Ans : It usually takes a few hours before a new file becomes available since it depends on how many times people have downloaded the same version every day The only way to fix this problem is by using a download manager or simply try again after waiting for Download.


Finally , thank you again for reading this guide about Jurassic Survival Mod APK, hopefully useful. If there’s anything else related to any other version of this game that needs to be added here, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We appreciate your feedback so much and we will try our best to improve this site as much as possible. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this post then feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email . Thank you so much for visiting Wildapk!

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