Mobile Legends Mod APK 2022 v1.6.66.7281 [Unlimited Money/Skin/Gold]

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Game Name Mobile Legends Mod APK
Genre Game
Size 11MB
Latest Version v1.6.66.7281
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
Get it On Google PlayStore
Update June 13, 2022

Mobile Legends Mod APK [Unlocked Everything]

Mobile Legends Mod APK is a mobile strategy game where players can enjoy the world of legend. You will meet and fight with different kinds of heroes from all over the globe, like Chinese warriors or Greek gods. The characters in this game are diverse and interesting.

you will find yourself immersed in an epic story as soon as enter it. If you want to play this fantastic game on your Android device, we recommend that you download our Mod APK file first so that there would be no need for any kind of rooting process before playing it on your phone! It’s free anyway! Now go ahead and have fun with Mobile Legends right now.

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Features of Mobile Legends Mod APK

When you think that the Mobile Legends is a so-so game, you should check out this list. I bet you will be very surprised by some of the features of Mobile Legends Mod APK. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

Adjustable Damage Spikes

In the regular version of Mobile Legends, there are certain heroes who have high damage and easy-to-install low HP enemies like Master Yi with his Alpha Strike or Kennen with his fatal combo. The Sniper Sniper:

Best Hero in my Opinion is also a killer hero because he has an ultimate skill called Headshot (Damage is doubled when the enemy was hit at the head) and unlimited mana due to lack of MP item. However, these heroes become too strong in this mod version. Why?

Mobile Legends Mod APK Update

Life Style

Master Yi can activate his Wuju Style anytime and keep dealing high DPS, thus making him invincible because of his life steal. With additional items such as Blade of Despair he has almost infinite life steal ability which allows him to stay at very high HP even after killing multiple enemies

Unlimited Mana

Kennen got unlimited mana so you will never run out of mana for using your skills. And if you add energy crystal and blue elixir, all 3 ultimate skills become available to use endlessly and deal high damage.- The Sniper is hard to kill due to his passive skill Headshot that doubles damage when hit at the head and fast movement speed from Swift Boots while dealing very high damage through the whole match with Endless Battlecry.

One Hit Kill Skills

One-hit kill skills are only available for a few heroes like Master Yi’s Alpha Strike, Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom, Poisoned Shiv, and Executioner. These skills allow the player to deal single high damage to the enemy hero at a very long range without any risk. It also allows players to farm minions easily with low HP heroes such as assassin Kha’Zix.

Unlimited Mana & Stacks

Unlimited mana is one of the major features that come with Mobile Legends Mod APK. Imagine using all 3 ultimate skills constantly in a battle without worrying about your MP? You can do that now! And it will deal tons of damage per second through this app. In terms of stacks, you can farm all items by killing minions over and over again.

Mobile Legends Mod APK Latest Version

God Mode & Enemy Never Move

God Mode is activated when you use Elder Treant’s skill called Nature Energy. This makes your character invulnerable to enemy attacks for several seconds, allowing you to deal damage at will or move forward without getting hurt (which means walking through the enemy towers).

And the Enemy Never Move feature allows you to stay in an area where the enemy hero cannot approach (such as a fountain) because of game coding that makes them immobile if they are outside of their base. You can simply use this feature to easily defeat fountains.

Flying System With Navigation Map

If you’ve played Clash before, the flying system is almost the same as Clashes. There is a navigation map that shows you where the enemy players are and where to go. All you have to do is move your hero around with this feature.

Different Map Layout

In order for players not to be confused by playing on different map layouts, it changes randomly whenever they die or play through one battle again. For example, if you were killed in a forest area then the next time you respawned, there will be a forest farm near your spawn point instead of the original road (which leads towards the opposite team’s base)

making it difficult for heroes like Nemesis who has low range attack to farm easily. This also increases the difficulty level for newbies who don’t know how to efficiently use their skills and items because of the randomized map layout.

Extremely Long Duration For Buffs & Item Stacks

If you’ve ever played LoL before, you know how annoying it is when your opponent stays alive with a small amount of HP and constantly uses a healing fountain to regenerate their life again and again. That’s where Mobile Legends: Bang bang shines. It has a buff that can last up to 50 minutes (the maximum duration) and items that stack indefinitely (meaning forever).

Although there are some conditions for item stacks: You must have enough MP crystals, the higher level of the item means a shorter time that it lasts on the battlefield, there are more chances for items not to stack after grinding mobs multiple times, etc.

Mobile Legends Mod APK Download

Rewarded For AFK Farming

It’s a common issue for players who want to farm minions like crazy but are constantly interrupted by enemy heroes or losing their farming zone due to map changes. With this Mobile Legends: Bang bang Mod APK, all you have to do is stay AFK and wait until the next wave of minions arrives and continue grinding (similar to offline mode).

Unlimited Item Slots

This is what makes Mobile Legends unique compared to other similar MOBA games. Some items are called “consumables” which means they can be used only once per battle. These include potions that increase life temporarily or energy crystals that are used for mp/energy activities.

However, there are also other permanent items that allow you to stack them indefinitely such as passive skill cards, health potions, HP/MP recovery items, and much more. In addition, you can use as many as you want without “wasting” them or worrying about filling up your inventory.

You can also buy an unlimited number of boxes from the shop which allows you to stack things fast since it’s free (unlike Clash). All in all, this makes Mobile Legends a great game for farming purposes.

No More AFK Punishments

In LoL or even Arena Of Valor, if a player is found AFK then they will be automatically kicked out from the matchmaking system. This is done so that players not being able to play at their full potential won’t drag down other team members who are fighting actively.

FAQs of Mobile Legends Mod APK

Will My Account Get Banned?

The developer of this mod APK has been testing it for a long time without any reported case of bans. They have tried their best to keep the game original and free from any traces that will reveal you’re using a modded version, however, if they decide to patch their servers to recognize players who are using this mod APK then the only option is to stop using Mobile Legends: Bang bang MOD APK or simply create another account in order not get banned. In short, use it at your own risk.

How To Uninstall Mod Version & Switch Back To Official One?

If you no longer want to use Mobile Legends: Bang bang MOD version anymore, all you have to do is uninstall it from your device and switch back to the official one.

Is This Mod APK Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe! Although there are some cases where people with rooted devices have issues, you don’t have to worry if your phone is not rooted or jailbroken. Just make sure you’re using the compatible operating system (Android 4.1+). Some people with the incompatible OS are reporting a “Connection Error” which means this mod APK is not compatible with their OS.

What’s the Best Way to Farm C critical Damage Stacks Fast?

You can ignore all mobs that are too high of a level for you since they’ll be hard to kill with low damage stacks. Instead, focus on mobs that have a lower-level range since they can be killed fast and you’ll get high critical damage stacks. Don’t forget to farm as many boxes as possible from the shop.

What’s The Best Way to Farm Critical Damage Stacks in Arena Mode?

 In order to do that, you have to buy a hero with large AoE skills such as Kagura or Chou which will allow you to kill multiple enemies at once. Then simply go near an enemy hero who is low in health so he won’t run away while you’re killing his team members for precious farming materials.


Mobile Legends Mod APK is a great way to get the best mode experience without having to spend money. The game itself has been played by over 100 million people and we think you should be one of them! So, what are you waiting for? Download Mobile Legend now on your Android device, download the mod APK version, and play with friends or solo against bots – it’s up to you how much fun this game will bring into your life! You don’t have time to wait anymore, so do yourself a favor and start playing today.

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