Rage Road Mod APK 2022 [Unlimited Money/Gems/Gold/Ammo]

Rage Road Mod APK [Download Everything]

Rage Road Mod APK is a fun game where you need to kill the road rage zombies. We’ve seen this game before in PC, but it’s worth having on mobile (currently in beta). The graphics are pretty nice and the car should be customizable for those who enjoy that sort of things.

The controls are similar to other racing games, with the left side of the screen for braking and right side for acceleration. The game is pretty hectic, but it’s worth checking out.

About Rage Road Mod APK

Current version: beta 3.2.1 on Google Play Store Please note that you’ll need to join the beta testing group on Google+ to be able to install this APK. Click here if you want to join the group! If the link doesn’t work, open any messaging app (like Messenger) and send “Rage” a message, then follow instructions from there. We have also provided a download link below so that you can directly download this file on your mobile device if needed.  Download Rage Road  Here – Rage Road Download

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Rage Road Full Version No Ads, Unlimited Money Apk for Android – RageRoadMod-v3.2.1.apk (16 MB)

Hope can help you…thanks… 🙂 Reply Delete

I’m having trouble getting onto beta testing on my Samsung S8+. I’m signed up to Google+ and joined the beta testing group but when I go to install it it’s saying not compatible with my device?? Please help!! Thanks, Delete

this is rage road , enjoy unlimited money & no ads Reply Delete

nice share broo … i like that game kepp sharing like this .. tnx

Features of Rage Road Mod APK

 – Easy and intuitive controls . –

The game is very dynamic. – The graphics are beautiful. – Many missions. – Various locations. Requires Android 2.3 or higher Reply Delete

Thank you for your information about this awesome apk, if possible please provide us more detail about how to use it, because I really want to know bout it,hopefully soon you will update this post to make us understand.. Reply Delete

I have a problem with that Rage Road , when i open thi game its force stop pls help me 🙁 Reply Delete

i have a problem when i open the apk it automatically force stop, help me please 🙁 Reply Delete

Thank you very much for your information about this awesome apk, I’m looking forward to sharing more information about android in articles that I will share in my blog .. hopefully soon you will update this post to make us understand.. Reply Delete

How to install

: 1. Download and installed Rage Road . Now go back to download complete 3. Extract file 4. Open Rage Road. Continue Install 6. Wait until finished 7. Have fun with the game… If by any chance you get an error like “missing file”, check out how to fix “Error : corrupted” Thank you for visiting the blog and please don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook… Reply Delete

FAQs of Rage Road Mod APK

Qno1. How do I download the Rage Road Mod Apk?

Answer. You can get download link below of this article. Or, if by any chance you get an error like “missing file”, check out how to fix “Error : corrupted”

Qno2. Is it safe?

Answer. Well, I used the Rage Road Mod Apk for quite some time and no one reported that their phone had got issues or anything like that. Perhaps it is because of the beta version of the game (though all updates are working normal). So, yes, it is very safe 🙂

Qno3. How do i play/open Rage Road Mod Apk?

Answer. After downloading and installing the apk file on your device, using a file manager (I use ES File Explorer), open the folder where you saved the Rage Road Mod Apk. Then, click on the Rage Road Mod Apk file to run it.

Qno4. What are the controls in this game?

Answer. Here’s a full list of controls for your reference, copied from Google Play Store: Controls in Car Mode – Touch Steering Wheel Left / Right to steer – Touch Gas pedal button to accelerate – Touch Brake pedal button to slow down – Swipe Up on right side to use Nitro (Can only be used when car speed is at least 30 km/h) Controls in Foot Mode – D-Pad To move – A Button To punch or interact with environment / Reverse weapon direction (if applicable) then aim


I would like to download Rage Road Mod APK. I know where I can get it, but your website provides a much more detailed description of the installation process and how to use it. Thank you for all this information you post, I will come back very soon and follow up on your new posts. Greetings from Brazil! Reply

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