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You are here at WorldBox Game Review. WorldBox is a cell author’s 2D task from Maxim Karpenko in fashion of god simulator, which regarded in 2018. Here you could create your very own specific planet, forming and setting continental zones at will, deciding on plants and fauna.
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WorldBox Game APK [Download for Android and iPhone]

You are here at WorldBox Game Review. WorldBox is a cell author’s 2D task from Maxim Karpenko in fashion of god simulator, which regarded in 2018. Here you could create your very own specific planet, forming and setting continental zones at will, deciding on plants and fauna. In addition to animal ecosystem, you could create clever lifestyles with choice to pick course of civilization development. Do you need to attempt at the function of almighty god? Now you’ve got got such an opportunity. By the manner, if you want large-scale simulations, you could additionally attempt Mafia City and Pocket Ants.

Features WorldBox Game

Build your international Could

you restructure the arena the manner you desired it to be in case you have become a god? Now is your threat to gain Godly powers with WorldBox APK. Everything is up for grabs. You manage everything. Create an unreasonable situation (along with losing the Orcs into the vicinity of the Elf) and watch what happens.

On the proper facet of the display screen is a desk list your power. A few of the skills of those gear are really well worth mentioning, along with the functionality to keep and cargo an current international, the functionality to create new worlds, and growing regulations for them. You don’t want tutorials from the machine as soon as you realize those things.


Choose the scale of land, quantity of islands, ocean degree and presence of random lifestyles forms. Based on the chosen parameters, you could simulate a random international. Designing the face of your planet, WorldBox lets in you to choose the intensity of waters close to the coastline.

Consequently growing possibilities for transport and seafaring. Choose panorama and weather to constructs deserts, regions with fertile soil, forests, rivers and lakes or mountains. If the gamer did now no longer like his very own creation, it’s miles constantly viable to generate every other map.

Latest update Data

WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator Offline is the state-of-the-art 2020 changed sport this is blanketed within side the RPG Fight Game class with extremely good 2D graphics. In this thrilling android sport, you’ll play the function of a hero whose future remains undetermined, so all of it relies upon at the manner you spot the future.

So it’s as much as you whether or not you’ll convey this international in peace or now no longer. In this WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator Offline sport you could additionally pick 3 one of a kind preventing styles, attempt to construct equipment in order that your harm turns into even extra painful, study new actions that haven’t been there earlier than and discover the vastness of a international complete of adventures


WorldBox  APK is based on an older technique to 2D textures, even as maximum video games are designed for 3-D platforms. This graph simply suggests a variety of hobby within side the graphics, and the sport has been downloaded extra than 10 million times. Even eleven though WorldBox APK is fairly simple, it does have a few quite fantastic hearthplace effects. Additionally, we’ve got the sounds recorded of their digital environment. All this makes it viable for us to look at or pay attention the destruction or creation.

Multiplayers Game

You can create and explore your own world with so many players simultaneously. It is not restricted to 8 or any number you want. The size of Worldbox APK is limited by your imagination and creativity rather than a predefined selection available in the original version of Minecraft PE .

Unlimited Resources 

There are unlimited resources such as wood, stone, coal, iron etc., which means that you never have to worry about anything after creating a new world in this best Minecraft PE hacking tool because everything is already available for you on demand. There are also various monsters to fight while mining or building but they cannot attack you unless you attack first.

Customize Everything 

You are free to customize the tools, armor, weapons and other necessary things for your survival in any way you want.

Everything Will be Save

The best part is that everything created by you will stay even after closing the game unlike Minecraft Pocket Edition where everything resets if you restart or shut down the game all of a sudden without saving first.

Explore the World

You can also go back to any world at any point of time because there is no need to create a new world every time which makes this modded version different from Minecraft PE . All worlds are saved on cloud and you can access them anytime and anywhere with internet connection through your device or PC. And last: You do not need to buy or download anything from Google Play Store to make Worldbox APK work. It is completely free and does not contain ads as well.

Worldbox Game Pros and Cons

As you can see that there is no restriction of any type on this mod, so let us now check the ups and downs of Worldbox APK.


Unlimited Wood, stone , Coal, iron etc. Ability to create your own world with unlimited players at once Can explore worlds without any restrictions such as size of map or number of players No need to create a new world every time like original version Completely free for everyone without ads Works online too (with internet connection) Easily accessible from device or PC


Cannot use mods in multiplayer Not optimized for tablets yet

Worldbox Game APK Download And Install Guide

Download Worldbox APK Now

So finally let me conclude by saying that Worldbox APK is developed by Minecraft PE developers Team for all fans of Minecraft Pockets Edition who want unlimited features and options to play with. It is the best Minecraft PE hacking tool available on internet and can be easily downloaded from our website by clicking on download button below:

Download Worldbox Game APK For Android

And that’s all for now folks! Thank you so much for visiting our website and stay tuned for complete information about new mods, updates and latest news of MCPE world. Cheers! Keep Hacking… ^_^

Worldbox Installation Guide

Now, let us see how you can install this tool easily in a few simple steps:

Download & Install WorldBox MOD APK From The Links Given Below Download BlockLauncher for Minecraft PE From The Links Given Below After downloading both files open Blocklauncher’s settings by clicking on its icon at the top left of the screen and then tap “Manage” On the next screen select “ModPE Script” from the available options and click on “Import” Now browse to the folder where you have saved your downloaded WorldBox APK file and select it After completing all these steps press back

FAQs About Worldbox Game APK

Is Worldbox Mod APK Legal?

No, worldbox Mod APK is not legal to download and install because it is not developed by the original developer. Moreover, it can be harmful for your device. So, please avoid downloading from this file.

How a lot does WorldBox – God Sandbox fee and a way to pre-order/purchase it?

It is FREE to down load and you could down load it from App Store. As the app is already released, you could purchase without delay from the store. WorldBox – God Sandbox is banned in my u.s.

Is it felony to get admission to it through VPN?

It is absolutely Illegal to apply an app (WorldBox – God Sandbox), even as it’s miles banned on your u . s .. However, you could get admission to for unique motives along with final an account or getting your content / cash from the app. You can use VPN of every other u . s . and get admission to it. We strongly endorse now no longer to apply it with VPN as it can invite felony issues.

Which is the satisfactory VPN to apply with WorldBox – God Sandbox?

If you would really like to get admission to WorldBox – God Sandbox the use of a VPN for a few motives, you can attempt one in all some indexed VPNs below. These are pinnacle VPN offerings and attempted and utilized by hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the globe. Also they are easy, quicker and offer entire aid and protection even as the use of them.

Can I use Worldbox apk for Pc?

No, you can’t. WorldBox only works on Android devices.

Does this have any viruses?

NO! I made Worldbox game apk by myself and checked it with Avast anti virus but it comes out clean so don’t worry about viruses at all! I decided to upload the file also because no one else uploaded this yet since most people were waiting for a new update which is coming soon!

I have downloaded worldbox apk, how do i install it?

To Install Worldbox Apk just follow these steps:

1) uninstall original game if u have it

2) download and extract the worldboX..rar

3) after go into DATA and delete com.treeofsavior.googleplay

4) move com.treeofsavior.googleplay folder from extracted worldbox to DATA

5) install Mod apk and enter your Google account

Will my progress be saved?

Yes, if you have completed the tutorial then your progress will be saved on that character but if you delete Worldbox  (ex: by clearing data or uninstalling it) then all of your characters’ progress will be lost! So don’t do that or i take no responsibility for any losses if this happens!

Where can I download WorldBox apk?

There are many websites which provide downloading links like mediafire, 4shared etc.. But the best website to download worldbox apk is our website.

Is there a new update for this apk?

Yes, a new version will probably come soon but don’t worry an old version works well also.. 😀

I cannot move/it’s stuck on loading after updating the game through Play Store! What should i do now?

Uninstall and reinstall current version of worldbox and play without doing tutorial again (or if u completed it before then just start as demon class or whatever you want)

Can I play with my friends?

No, u can’t because some people are not using worldbox yet so they will not be able to connect! So if someone wants to play with you then he/she must use worldbox too! 😉

Does it work on Samsung devices?

I tested this mod on Samsung Galaxy S4 and it works fine but i don’t know about other types of samsung smart phones maybe some users will test and share their experiences.


WorldBox Game APK have lengthy been famous and feature attracted gamers’ attention. A few remarkable Android apps are available, which includes  or, extra recently, the WorldBox through Maxim Karpenko. It may be thrilling to peer Sandbox-like gameplay mixed with Indie genres.

What's new

## 0.10.3 - genius fix
- favorite units won't die after infinity coin use
- stupid trait gives -5 intelligence
- genius trait gives +10 intelligence
- spawn less disaster demons, since demons are stronger now
- made demons a bit slower
- adjust when some rare knowledges are given to cultures
- favorited units are 200% more likely to become village leaders
- humans lost their gorgeous blonde hairs



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